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What mPERS Can Do For Your Business

Reach new heights by creating new revenue streams

Secure long term RMR through multiple applications across diverse user profiles and use cases.

Protect and improve the quality of life for all potential users

With each device connected to a monitoring center, users will be able to alert an emergency service with just a click of a button.

Not just for the elderly

When you think of your typical mPERS user, what comes to mind?
Most will say the elderly and most would be correct. It’s a perception that has held back the potentially diverse applications of mobile personal emergency safety (mPERS) devices for many decades. The fact is there are so many more applicable user profiles that can benefit from our industry-leading mPERS devices.

Give seniors, children, and at-risk professionals who work in isolated and hazardous situations, a feeling of enhanced confidence and safety. This is at the core of what SecuraTrac mPERS products are all about. Whether you are an active senior, a lone worker, parent or just concerned about personal security – our mPERS solutions can give you instant access to help when they are needed the most. With each device connected to a monitoring center, users will be able to alert an emergency service with just a click of a button.

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Lone Workers

Keep At-Risk, Isolated Workers Safe
Whether it’s real estate, oil & gas, petrochemicals, construction, environment, or security, work environments that keep workers isolated and under hazardous situations can pose many risks. Our industry-leading SecuraTrac MD4 can provide employers with the assurance that help is just one button click away.

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Protect Those That Need Protection the Most
Give parents of young children the ease of mind they deserve. SecuraTrac’s innovative MobileDefender Model 4 (MD4) empowers children to feel safe and secure anywhere, anytime. All it takes is just one click of a button to signal alerts. Safety is just a button push away.

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Special Needs

Give Children with Disabilities, the Self-Determined Life They Deserve
You can’t be everywhere all at once all the time. Parents and caregivers can rest assured that with the SecuraTrac MD4, children with special needs will always be safe whenever, wherever.

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Senior Citizens

Confidence Inspiring Security to Stay Active & Independent
The MD4 lets seniors take charge of their lives by keeping family members and healthcare providers better informed. It delivers the most accurate fall detection capabilities and now boasts faster 5G/LTE cellular connectivity available for AT&T and Verizon carrier networks. Give your customers instant access to medical emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Safety is Just a Button Click Away.

SecuraTrac MobileDefender Model 4 (MD4)

SecuraTrac MobileDefender Model 4 (MD4)

Introducing the SecuraTrac MD4. Signal alerts with just one click. The MD4 offers automatic fall advisory capabilities and industry-leading location accuracy both indoors and outdoors. Indoor positioning utilizes the latest in WiFi and Bluetooth positioning algorithms and methods to enable accurate, individualized emergency response and monitoring. The MD4 also provides global GPS services along with the durability to withstand extreme conditions and uses.

Considerable market and focus group feedback helped shape the design of this industry-leading, safety device. It is suitable for lone workers with jobs that take them into potentially hazardous or dangerous situations, healthcare workers who work in the field, medical patients who need a life-line or a quick connection to their doctors, younger children and children with special needs, and seniors who want the ability to live their lives confidently and comfortably with assurance, on-the-go.

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