Regional Sales Manager – Multiple

SecuraTrac is currently seeking an experienced Regional Sales Manager (RSM) who is independent, motivated, and has a proven track record for building business. There is no project management, billing, or collections required, this is strictly a product and service sales position. This position is expected to telecommute and therefore have suitable home office or other similar arrangement.

Compensation includes a 10% commission on initial sales, all residual commissions on annuity or continuing customers, and an expense account for building business.

Candidates will be sharp, well spoken, and motivated with the desire to make meaningful and valuable business connections. Regular access to a computer is required and candidates must have a mobile phone. Candidates must have the ability to connect with groups, speak well in public and demonstrate websites in an easy-to-understand manner

Note: this is not MLM/Network Marketing. It is a pure product and service sales position.


Application Developer

The Application Developer (AD) is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of all website front-end and back-end application components. The sites are developed on the LAMP Stack and therefore the AD must be proficient in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP among other core web concepts. These include but are not limited to Google Map API’s, RSS integration, XML, Java scripting, GPS, and GPRS communication. In addition, the AD is responsible for Research & Development.

The AD will also help customer support troubleshoot issues with existing or developed systems while working with the appropriate external resources and vendors. The AD maintains and follows application architecture rules and guidelines.

The AD must have a college degree in computer science or related specialization and 3+ years in a database and/or application development field. The AD will be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of database design and application development methodologies. The AD will rely upon good analytical skills, good written and verbal communication, and sound judgment to accomplish goals under direct supervision of the Chief Technology Officer.


Customer & Administrative Support Representative (CASR)

The Customer & Administrative Support Representative (CASR) is responsible for providing direct support to customer via telephone, email and web-based tools. The scope of the support includes assisting with hardware questions and issues, providing website navigation support, and troubleshooting communications issues related to the SecuraTrac product and service offering. The CASR will be trained and should be able to learn the basic technology and business model of the company quickly. The core technology will include GPS communications, GPRS (mobile phone wireless) communication, basic website navigation and application logic. Any experience with mobile phones, telecommunications, GPS navigation and website customer support will be valuable.

In addition to customer support, the CASR will be responsible for general administrative and research tasks. These will include but are not limited to competitive research, market research, and sales and marketing support such as creating or refining presentations, flyers and other promotional literature, and helping to determine the best approach to market the company online.

The CASR should be a solid problem-solver, have the ability to learn on their own, show an ability to work well in decentralized teams, be a self-starter, have excellent interpersonal and group communication skills, and be able to complete what they start. The CASR should be familiar with how to work well with CRM applications and adhere to processes that involve using the CRM to track support tickets, build a knowledge base, and manage customer information.
The CASR must have a college degree and 3+ years of experience in customer support or administration. The CASR will be familiar with all standard concepts, practices, and procedures of customer support. The CASR will rely upon experience, good analytical skills, great communication and sound judgment to accomplish their goals under direct supervision of the Chief Operating Officer.