Our solutions are built to be used out-of-the-box or as turn-key mobile safety solutions in many countries around the world.  Alternatively, we can quickly customize our solutions – devices and secure web-based portals – to fix your specific needs.  As a result, while we have a number of frequently asked questions and answers below, if you have other questions, we would be happy to help answer them if you email us at support@securatrac.com.
Q: How can I use SecuraTrac® solutions?

A: You can view a list of commonly used applications in PDF format by clicking here.

Q: Are the SecuraTrac websites secure?

A: Each of our websites – SecuraTrac.com, ReliaTrac.com, SecuraFone.com, and SecuraChild.com – use the latest technology and security measures to protect your privacy.

Q: Do I need to install anything special on my computer to use SecuraTrac?

A: No, you do not need to install anything for the tracking service to work. We have worked very hard to make our web site easy-to-use without software or plug-ins. If you do run into problems, please review our support page or contact customer support.

Q: How does SecuraTrac use my personal information?

A: We strongly believe that your personal information is yours. As a result, we do not share your information with anyone except as required by law. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Q: Can I set up multiple people to receive an alert?

A: After the purchase of your first SecuraPAL, you will be able to log into the SecuraTrac?s web site and configure your device. Your SecuraPal configuration page allows you to configure alerts which, when triggered, can be sent to multiple people using various methods (e-mail, sms, etc.).

Q: Can anybody see the information for my SecuraPAL’s?

A: No, only people who know your login name and password are able to see the information on your SecuraPAL.

Q: What is a SecuraFence?

A: SecuraFence is a virtual safe haven that you can configure using the My SecuraPAL’s page. Whenever the SecuraPAL leaves this safety zone, you’ll get notified of the violation via the email and SMS or both. You can select the method of notification for each fence.

Q: Can I use multiple ways to receive alerts?

A: Yes. For each type of alarm you can setup SMS and email alerts. This is as easy as clicking a box which will then result in you receiving alerts to your phone or email.

Q: Where can we purchase SecuraTrac mobile safety solutions?

A: SecuraTrac has a broad network of distributor and dealer partners that sell and support our solutions across the United States, Canada and many other countries.  Please contact us at sales@securatrac.com for more information.

Q: How accurate are the GPS based tracking solutions?

A: The location information provided through the website positions the device within 10 feet of its actual location. There are some common forms of interference that can reduce accuracy which include buildings, tunnels, parking garages, large/dense trees and heavy weather.  To help improve location accuracy all of our GPS-based solutions (MobileDefender and MobileDefender Model S) have algorithms that utilize up to 4 satellites to get a 3-D fix in order to get exacting results.  In addition to this device-based technology we have a number of proprietary location improving algorithms in our consumer and dealer portals that account for location drift and jitter to give our customers more consistently precise locations.

Q: How long does it take to re-charge the battery?

A: We generally advise customers to re-charge the devices on a regular interval. For example, this could be nightly or every other night during dinner.  Devices can be re-charged in a matter of a few of hours if needed though, again, we recommend that you re-charge it overnight if possible and to get a regular pattern.

Q: How often will the device update its location?

A: This depends upon the setup that the dealer provides to its customers.  Each solution can be configured to report based on motion of hte device, a specified time interval (1 second to many days) or based upon an event.  For example, two common events would be the pressing of the SOS button or triggering of a low battery condition.  In each of these instances our devices would update their location.

Q: How do Central Stations or Friends and Family know where the devices are?

A: Our devices send information to our systems based on its configuration.  When our systems receive this information, we determine whether the information is an alert or not. If it is an alert, we will forward the alert to the Central Station and / or friends and family designated as recipients of that particular alert.

Q: Why aren’t my text message and/or email alerts coming through?

A: There are a few possible reasons. Often for email alerts, a new or updated SPAM filter might re-direct these alerts so check there first and then re-train your filter to allow all email from SecuraTrac.com. From time-to-time text messages can be lost by your wireless carrier. Carriers do not guarantee the delivery of all text messages as they may decide it was SPAM or due to a simple failure to delivery the text message. At times email or text messages may be delayed by your cell phone or internet provider.

Q: How long does a device last on a single charge?

A: The battery life will vary based on the device configuration, environmental conditions, and the frequency of use.  Our standard configurations last between 2 and 3 days of continuous, regular use.  There are some configurations that will last as little as 2 hours and as long as 30+ days.

Q: Will the device disturb people in school, library, movie, etc?

A: No, so long as they are configured properly the devices can be very inconspicuous including operating in covert mode where the device can be set to auto-answer and can be put into a vibrate or completely silent mode.

Q: Does the device need to be turned off on a flight?

A: Yes, because our devices use cellular service, the FAA requires that it be turned off during taxi, take-offs, landings and during flights.  Our devices have an On/Off button that shuts the device off when necessary.  During power down and power up the device will vibrate to signal its shutdown or startup.

Q: Do your products work in all 50 states and aboard?

A: Yes, each of our solutions work across the country and work in over 120 other countries as well.  Your monthly fees may vary and will be determined by your provider so please reach your direct supplier for coverage details and options.  Our coverage map can be located here.

Q: Do your products work Internationally?

A: Yes, our solutions work well in North America and many other countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.  We are continuously expanding into new countries.  In order to activate your service internationally, please contact your service provider.