SecuraTrac solutions are often used in a wide range of settings that improve parents’ peace of mind; enhance the ability of caretakers to help their patients; give children the power to ask for help anytime, anywhere; help pet owners keep a watchful eye on their pets; provide added safety to lone workers; reduce insurance premiums for businesses that have a lot of traveling employees; and help business owners improve efficiency of staff among many others.

The list below highlights a subset of the potential applications of our solutions.

Family School Districts
Sports & Day Camps
Safety to and from School Field Trip Safety Solution Youth Sport Trip Safety
Young Driver Safety Truancy Reduction Programs Day Camp Safety Phone
Pet Safety
School Bus Tracking Solo Skier Safety
Recreation Sports & Convention Personal Protection
Amusement Park Safety Sports Venue Child Monitoring Body Guard Extension
Hiking Safety International Trade Shows
Executive Protection
Exercise Safety Solution Celebrity Protection
Other Medical
Senior Safety
Re-admittance Rates
Emergency Medical Response
Independent Living Safety
Outpatient Care
Health Worker Safety
Increase Mobility
Senior Health Programs
Remote Healthcare
International Travel Safety
Corporate Security
Business Efficiency
Business Cost Reduction
Real Estate Agent
Route Adherence / Efficiency
Distracted Driver Programs
Field Collections Agent
Fleet / Vehicle Management
Liability Insurance Reductions
Field Service Technicians
Driver Management
Fuel Conservation