SecuraTrac mobile safety solutions are flexible and offer a number of options to protect your employees and loved ones.  One of the more common options is to enable your friends and family to help-out when the situation calls for it.  SecuraTrac emergency locators work world-wide.  With an online account on our secure, easily accessible portal – ReliaTrac® – you can receive messages via email and/or text message when key events occur.  You can also become the primary contact so a 2-way voice call can be automatically triggered from the SecuraTrac device so you can provide the right assistance as soon as it is needed.

SecuraTrac emergency locators report their locations automatically on pre-set intervals.  These intervals vary with the activity of the person and the reporting interval set.  Tehre are a number of possibilities that are all configured up-front and they can be updated over-the-air (OTA).  All of our products arrive ready-to-use.

Friends and Family… it takes a village to provide mobile safety!

Friends and Family