State-of-the-Art emergency response and monitoring that runs on most North American networks. The MobileDefender Model 4 (MD4) provides safety at home that can be taken on-the-go promoting freedom and increased activity. MD4 means greater mobility knowing that your safety net is just a button push away. In addition, the MD4 offers automatic fall advisory capabilities and industry-leading, patent pending location accuracy – indoors and outdoors. Indoor positioning utilizes the latest in WiFi and Bluetooth positioning algorithms and methods to enable accurate, individualized emergency response and monitoring that fits the active lifestyle of seniors or the mobility that comes with lone workers on the job in real estate, oil and gas, hospitality, telecommunications or many other industries where working alone is a part of the job. Working without a safety net does not have to be part of the job any longer.

In addition, the MD4 provides global GPS services along with the durability to withstand extreme conditions and uses. Considerable market and focus group feedback helped shape the designed of this industry-leading, safety device including:

  • Based on industry interviews, focus groups, customer feedback, and partner requirements
  • Builds on the sturdy MobileDefender look and feel
  • Appears small to the eye but not too small to use
  • Conveys strength, reliability and durability at 2.6 ounces
  • Improves location capabilities with 3 modalities – GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Wears easily with a neck lanyard or a pouch on a belt
  • Has easy-to-see and understand icons in day or night
  • Tune Fall Advisory Settings to tailor to each situation

The MD4 suits seniors who want the ability to live their lives on-the-go with a safety net, lone workers with jobs that take them into potentially hazardous or dangerous situations, healthcare workers who work in the field, medical patients who need a life-line or a quick connection to their doctors, children with special needs and more.

Mobile Defender 4 – Features

• 4G / LTE Certified on AT&T & Rogers for US & Canadian Customers

Allows active customers freedom of movement in North America while improving peace of mind. In areas where LTE is not available, it will downgrade to 3G service. Great for snow-birds, campers and customers in both countries.

• To-Way Voice Communications with Dial-In and Dial-Out capabilities

MD4 calls the Central Station upon alarm trigger. It also allows the dispatch to call the device in case of a call drop. Allows dealers to develop additional, value-add opportunities (reminders, check-ins, etc.) that can be up-sold.

• Patent Pending Indoor and Outdoor positioning for accurate locations

Deploying multiple location technologies impacts battery life. We have a patent pending system where we minimize battery drain and still retain the ability to use multiple positioning technologies for best possible location.

• Proprietary Fall Detection Algorithm with False Positive Cancellation

Algorithm monitors 3 different sensors for improved Fall Detection. Customers and central stations love our approach because it allows customers to cancel false positives (should they happen) before the alarm is delivered to central station.

• Choice of Cellular Providers

We give you an option of using your own cellular provider if you have one. This may be cost-effective if you have other devices / panels that you already manage SIM cards for.

• Frequent and Regular location and status reporting

Unlike most of our competitors, our device reports its status & location frequently and regularly. We can tell when the device stops ‘working’ and can generate an alarm.

• Central Station Options

We do not lock you into a specific central station and instead, our flexible solution allows you to specify the central station you want to use. There is a good chance that we are already integrated with your preferred central station but if not, we have a simple process for integrating. Alternatively, we also have a ‘no-integration’ solution for quick and easy pilot testing.

• Feature Flexibility

We allow you to specify which features you want to enable / disable on a device. This allows you to charge different amounts for features and gives you the flexibility to create up-sell / down-sell opportunities. It also allows you to target different market segments with different requirements.

• Noise Cancelling Microphone for Clear Communications

Noise canceling microphone will pick up your voice and ignore most of the background noise so the dispatcher can better understand your regardless of your environment

• Water Resistant, Safe for Showers

IPX 6 is an industry standard rating that certifies that this device can safely be taken into a shower and used there if needed

• Battery life up to 2-3 Days on Single Charge

Using the included cradle, the device can charge in about 3-4 hours and will take 2-3 days to discharge back down to zero. This gives you assurance that even if you don’t charge it overnight, you’ll be able to rely on it the next day.

Mobile Defender 4 – Specifications

Certifications (minimum)FCC, PTCRB, IC, AT&T, Jasper, Kore, T-Mobile, Rogers
Size (Length, Width, Depth)81 x 50 x 19.5 mm
4G ReceiverSIMCOM LTE Module (SIM7000A) capable of communications over 3G (B2) & LTE w/ VoLTE (B2/B4/B12)
2-way Voice2-way voice with high power speaker / microphone with noise cancellation
Multi-call RotationCall up to 4 phone numbers in a series based on no response
MicrophoneSensitive microphone capable of picking-up clear voice from at least 10 feet
SpeakerHigh-power speaker clearly heard from at least 10 feet
Ring Tone/Volume/VibrationAbility to assign various pre-defined ring tones, adjust volume and set vibration mode
Single ButtonLong press (3 seconds) for SOS, Quick Press (click) to Answer or Auto-Answer (no click)
Fall AdvisoryDetect falls based on multiple criteria with fall cancellation option
Recharge with CradleDrop-in base station with cradle re-charging; No need to mess with cable plugs
Battery Life930mAh Li-ion battery lasts around 48 hrs on full charge with standard configuration. Battery life is about 300 charge cycles (about 2 – 3 years).
Recharge TimeFrom 0 to 100% in ~3 hours
WaterproofingIPX6 (water-proof)
GPS Networks AccessibleGPS (North America), Galileo (EU), Compass (China)