Mobile Personal Emergency Response (mPERS) requires a number of providers and complex technologies to work as well and as simply as we all expect.  Here is a quick summary of what happens when an mPERS emergency locator is activated (i.e., SOS button is pushed).

  • First, the emergency locator initiates a connection to the GPS network to determine its current location.  This connection is complete rapidly because a local database is maintained on the device that identifies the address of each satellite in the constellation.  This enables a very quick “fix” and also enables what is called a 3D fix where up to 4 satellites work together to triangulate the device and provide a very precise location.  A basic rule of statistics, the larger the sample size, the more precise result.
  • Second, while the location is identified, the proprietary SecuraTrac platform called ReliaTrac, uses a number of algorithms to rationalize the data being returned from the GPS module.  This enables our platform to smooth-out or improve the results returned from GPS.
  • Third, at the same time the location is being calculated, a call is being made to the target programmed into the device.  This can be a 24 x 7 professional emergency response center in the United States, Australia, Canada or any of the 120 countries we serve.  Or, this can be a friend or family member.  In the case of a family-monitored solution, SecuraTrac devices can call up to 4 numbers in succession such that if the first number is not answered, the second will be called and so forth.
  • Fourth, once a call is answered the location of the caller is sent and seen on a map so that the emergency responder can see where the caller is located and can talk to them to get them the help that they need.

MobileDefender Emergency Locator

ReliaTrac Tracking Page


The SecuraTrac mobile safety solution is comprised of a few key components.

  • First, we have strong telecommunication partnerships with carriers from around the world including, but not limited to ATT, Rogers, T-Mobile and Vodafone and this allows us to provide service in over 120 countries on 6 continents.
  • Second, we have integrated our proprietary mobile safety platform with the 5 dominant software platforms for the emergency response industry (i.e., central stations) allowing SecuraTrac mobile safety solutions to seamlessly plug-in to 85% of the monitoring centers around the world.
  • Third, we have designed industry-leading 3G emergency locators that use GPS and terrestrial-based location technologies to accurately locate our customers and then quickly connect to a local cellular carrier so our emergency response partners can provide them the help they need where it is needed and when it is needed.
  • Fourth, our secure, cloud-based platform – ReliaTrac® – connects the carriers with the emergency response centers with friends and family and the first responders so that our customers and their customers get the mobile safety solutions that make a difference.