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How 5G Could Decimate the ‘I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up’ Button

How 5G Could Decimate the ‘I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up’ Button Caring for seniors poses unique challenges, and not just because of the pandemic. In addition to normal healthcare needs, care providers have had to adapt to protect seniors from the virus. With networks of friends and family members unable to visit, nurses and [...]

5G Upgrades Putting Employee Safety at Risk

The world is consuming more data than ever before. Nearly every industry now relies on smart phones, cloud services and digital communications to execute efficient business operations. Increasing data demands have made it necessary for telecommunications companies to upgrade digital infrastructure. Enter 5G, which is designed to deliver data at faster speeds while also address [...]

Builder Magazine – SecuraTrac Emergency Pendant Includes Extended Battery Life

SecuraTrac Introduces MobileDefender Model S Pendant This emergency pendant includes extended battery life with new Wake on SOS feature, as well as automatic fall advisory. SecuraTrac, a leading mobile health and safety provider SecuraTrac has introduced the MobileDefender Model S, the next-generation model of its MobileDefender emergency pendant. This new MD-S model was developed on [...]

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