Builder Magazine – SecuraTrac Emergency Pendant Includes Extended Battery Life

SecuraTrac Introduces MobileDefender Model S Pendant

This emergency pendant includes extended battery life with new Wake on SOS feature, as well as automatic fall advisory.

SecuraTrac, a leading mobile health and safety provider SecuraTrac has introduced the MobileDefender Model S, the next-generation model of its MobileDefender emergency pendant. This new MD-S model was developed on the same platform as the original MobileDefender, but includes new capabilities and features optimized for jobsite safety.

On top of its location technologies, the MD-S device offers a built-in Fall Advisory feature which can detect horizontal and vertical movement. If an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, the MD-S will automatically trigger a call for help. It also adds the ability for Central Stations to respond to potential accidents, using SecuraTrac’s existing cloud capabilities.

The MD-S also includes the provider’s new Wake-on SOS feature, which allows the device to last over 30 days on a single battery charge. The device remains in sleep mode until its SOS button is activated, at which point it can locate itself, transmit its location, and make an emergency phone call.

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