Every winter, millions of people depart their homes in northern areas of the U.S. to migrate south to escape the cold. Many of them drive in cars or RVs, which means days on the road encountering potential bad weather, vehicle trouble or other risks. Cell phones are great to call for help if you have a signal and an international calling plan, but a new technology called the MobileDefender Model S can keep snowbirds directly in touch with friends, family and, if needed, first responders automatically.

The small device can be kept in the car, worn, or carried in a pocket. It has one large button that can be pressed to call for help in an emergency and it can be programmed to call family or first responders. The MobileDefender Model S functions as a two-way speakerphone so when a call is placed you can talk and listen with it. Also, the MobileDefender Model S can detect falls, auto dial for help if one is detected, and it functions as a GPS locator so family can make sure trips are going as planned.

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