SecuraTrac, a provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on protecting older adults, children, and employees, has announced the development of a new technology based on its award-winning mobile app, SecuraFone®. Developed in conjunction with Vital Connect, a next-generation biosensor and secure cloud technology, SecuraFone Health can alert physicians, caregivers, and family in real time when an unexpected health event occurs.

SecuraFone Health will benefit consumers, patients, physicians, and caregivers by detecting falls, caregiver-defined heart rate changes, and respiration rate changes, as well as other key vital signs. When an unexpected change is detected, the app will send a real-time alert including information about the user’s location and other key details to designated contacts.

SecuraFone Health uses a sensor worn by the user on his or her chest or back to monitor vitals 24 hours per day. Patches are water resistant, can be worn in the shower, and are worn for 2 to 3 days before needing to be replaced. They have up to a 50-foot communication radius for sending notifications to the user’s smartphone. The monthly service is tied to a 24/7 emergency response center with trained health care staff.

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