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May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, but despite driver’s education classes and family rules, statistics show that teen’s inexperience makes them the most likely drivers on the road to be in a car accident. Yesterday, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams reported on the issue of teens and distracted driving and highlighted a new app that can help parents monitor their children’s driving habits called SecuraFone.

Adding to the dangers of inexperience, according to a new PEW Internet study, 31% of teens ages 14-17 now own a smartphone. SecuraFone can help parents monitor how fast their teens are driving and where they are going while blocking them from being able to text, Facebook, Tweet or otherwise let their smartphones distract them while driving.

A powerful family safety solution, SecuraFone can text parents if their child is driving on roads they are not allowed to be on, speeding, and the app can keep teens from using their phone while driving. SecuraFone uses the GPS on a smartphone to detect when a teen is moving over 5 mph. The app then locks the phone screen until the teen is finished driving.

Additionally, parents can set up SecuraFences or virtual borders for their child’s phone. Borders can be set up around certain neighborhoods or cities to stop teens from driving on the highway or certain roads without their parent’s knowledge and permission. Parents can also preset speed alerts. If teens cross a SecuraFence or drive faster than a set limit, parents will be alerted by text message and/or email.

SecuraFone is currently available for iPhone(R) and Android(R) phones and is available in a free basic version with the option to upgrade for additional features with an $8.99 monthly fee. SecuraFone can be downloaded by visiting the SecuraFone website or through your mobile device’s app store. A SecuraFone application is also being developed for Blackberry(R) and Windows(R) Mobile devices. For more information please visit .

About SecuraTrac

SecuraTrac(R) develops, markets, and sells a suite of products dedicated to bringing families closer together and improving employee safety through GPS location based technology and state-of-the-art, easy-to-use websites. SecuraTrac’s SecuraPAL(R) Guardian solution for children is the recipient of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. SecuraTrac has also developed a new GPS safety app, SecuraFone(R), for mobile devices and a free life-saving service called SecuraChild(TM) that leverages crowd sourcing and social media to broadcast and speed-up the location of missing children. The company is headquartered in Hermosa Beach, CA. For more information please visit