Safety Tips for Children of All Ages

 SecuraTrac provides safety tips to parents, educators and non-profit organizations and often is invited small_kidbusto speak on radio, in-person and to conduct training courses. We work hard to create a positive learning environment that emphasizes role play and other hands-on learning techniques wherever possible. If you or your organization is interested in arranging for a SecuraTrac professional to speak to your group, please contact our Customer Care group or submit an online request form.

We classify our safety program into two categories: 1) traditional, common sense lessons and 2) new, technology based solutions. In addition, we tailor our content to fit age specific groups. While there are key elements in common for all age groups there are some lessons that work best for the young, tweens or teenage groups. in both categories empower children with positive messages and safety skills that will build their self-confidence while keeping them safe.

Traditional, Common Sense Lessons & Tips

They need to learn how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. And, if they find themselves in a dangerous situation, they need to draw upon their lessons to quickly and safely get out of that situation

One of the first things parents and educators teach children about their personal safety is “Stranger, Danger.” While this is important and should continue to be taught from an early age, we believe that we will fall short if we do not balance that approach with another that helps the child understand that 99% of adults may be their best option when they are lost or scared. The “stranger danger” message is appropriate when it comes to being approached by unknown adults, being offered treats, and other such scenarios where your child is alone or with a small group and they are approached by an unknown person. When a child is lost or in danger, though, often it will be other adults that provide aid when the parents are not nearby. So, as parents and guardians, we should continue to preach “stranger danger” though we have to be clear in which situations it is appropriate. In addition, teach young child how to identify and approach others when they need help or are in danger. It may be their best option.

New Technology Aids

Today, traditional and common sense approaches to securing parents peace of mind and keeping our children safe are not enough. Easy-to-use and affordable technology exists today to give children more self-confidence and a new way of asking for and getting help quickly when needed. For parents the technology helps create a way of providing to help your child without actually being there. This solution consists of a small and discrete GPS locator weighing just 2.5 ounces. It has an SOS or panic button that relays there location, a point on a map and directions to their location in 5 – 10 seconds. These alerts are compatible with any mobile phone or computer you can add any number of parents, family members and trusted friends to the list authorized to receive these alerts ensuring children who ask for help get it quickly.

The SecuraTrac solution complements the traditional approach enhances the ability of the child to ask for and get help when needed. The GPS locator is aptly named the SecuraPAL Guardian. The “PAL” stands for Personal Automated Locator and this small device that can be carried or worn in many convenient ways improves the ability of the parent to respond in a timely manner if their child gets lost or is in danger. The goal of the SecuraTrac solution is to bring families closer together and to add another tool to the responsible parenting tool kit. When used in concert with the traditional education, it is a powerful way to increase parents’ peace of mind and provide for the safety of children of all ages.

For older children the solution also offers speed detection and alerts as well as SecuraFence technology which allows the parent to create a satellite-based boundary around any location – large and small – and when the child enters or exits the location an email and/or text alert is generated. The alert will contain the nearest address, the date/time and a link to a map that shows where the child is at the point they entered or exited the SecuraFence. The parent can setup an unlimited number of SecuraFences – home, school, friend’s home, park, ski resort, amusement park, and grandparent’s home, among others.

Parents can use the SecuraTrac solution to extend freedoms to children in situations where they may not have without it. For example, children who carry the SecuraPAL Guardian are more likely to get some time at the state fair or a large amusement park to experience the park without their parents. The parents know that if anything were to happen they would know in seconds and could come to the aid of their child quickly. Also, parents have been known to allow their children to go to concerts at a younger age than would have been the case when the children carry their SecuraPAL. In this way the SecuraPAL is not only a friend and guardian for the parent while they are not close by, but it also becomes a friend to the child both for their safety and the extension of some freedoms they would not normally get.

We offer some practical tips and lessons you can use to help keep your children safe and secure your peace of mind. We have separated this information by age group to make it age appropriate and allow you to focus the conversation on short, easy to grasp tips.

If you have any questions about how a SecuraPAL (Personal Automated Locator)® can help you or your family, please do not hesitate to call Customer Care directly at 888-973-2872, extension 4 or write to