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Transmission & Distribution World Online – Lone Worker Emergency Response

Linemen Can Notify Responders in an Emergency Situation With Device

When working out in the field in remote regions, it’s crucial for crews to stay in constant communication. If linemen are working alone, however, and they get into a difficult situation, it may be hours until help arrives. A device, however, offers instant communication with first responders.

Linemen often work in remote regions to restore power or rebuild or maintain infrastructure. If they are working alone, and they fall off a structure, become trapped, or are otherwise incapacitated, a lineman could be without emergency assistance for hours.

Compounding the challenge, winter weather can make line work even more hazardous due to low temperatures and severe conditions. During this time of year, it becomes even more crucial for linemen to stay in constant communication with responders, coworkers or other parties. Taking out a cell phone to make a call or sending a message on a tablet is not always possible in the field due to limited connectivity.

The Mobile Defender Mobile-S, however, can monitor a lineman’s status and immediately call for help in the event of a problem. A worker can press one button to connect with responders if possible.

The device enables two-way voice with high-power speaker or microphone with noise cancellation. Also, it offers a multi-call rotation call to up to four numbers in a series based on no response, and the sensitive microphone is capable of picking up clear voices from at least 10 ft.

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November 14th, 2017|

Security World – SecuraTrac Announces New Central Station, Cellular Integrations

mPERS solutions from SecuraTrac gives security dealers flexibility, options

SecuraTrac® announces a new integration with Micro Key Solutions central station platform and unveils a mobile personal emergency response (mPERS) device for the Verizon cellular network. SecuraTrac is now compatible with seven major alarm and central station software providers, the most of any mPERS hardware device supplier and with every major cellular service provider including Verizon (in Q4 2017), AT&T, and T-Mobile in addition to other carriers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

“Choosing an mPERS provider that offers a wide range of choices for central station software integrations is a huge advantage for alarm dealers,” said Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac. “Alarm dealers and resellers are able to grow their businesses more flexibly and leverage economies of scale with their central station of choice when their mPERS solution integrates with all of the major players. In addition, this flexibility extends to mergers and acquisitions in that alarm companies will not have to worry about software compatibility impacting their value or contract terms when they choose SecuraTrac.”

The latest integration with Micro Key Systems represents one instance of a larger strategy. SecuraTrac also works with MAS® (MASterMind from UTC), Bold Technologies, Secure Global Solutions, DICE®, Sentinel, and custom software integrations to enable quick and seamless new productt introductions for all SecuraTrac mPERS solutions. As a result, SecuraTrac products can be monitored by thousands of central monitoring stations including leaders in their industries: Rapid Response Monitoring, AvantGuard, National Monitoring Center, Statewide Monitoring, Alarm Central, First Alarm, Wright-Hennepin, Life Safety Monitoring and thousands of others.

In contrast other mPERS hardware providers limit the monitoring software and central stations options for their customers. This limits geographical coverage, may cause disruption and limits the flexibility alarm dealers have with their businesses as the following table illustrates.

An added benefit of SecuraTrac’s comprehensive software platform integrations is the global functionality of its products. SecuraTrac solutions work in over 120 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. End users equipped with a SecuraTrac mPERS device have peace of mind that they will be covered with service almost anywhere they might travel whether it is a mile from home or to the other side of the world.

According to the research company Markets and Markets, the personal emergency response system (PERS) market is expected to grow from USD 6.61 Billion in 2017 to USD 9.22 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.7% between 2017 and 2023.

The Mobile PERS (mPERS) market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. mPERS is gaining popularity as it allows senior citizens to lead a more independent and healthy lifestyle. Advancements in personal safety monitoring technology have expanded the market and provided home security dealers the opportunity to expand traditional security offerings. Decreasing use of landlines, which was the previous communication technology used in PERS units, is causing the widest reactive changes in the PERS industry, as companies have to reformulate the available communication technologies in their solutions.

SecuraTrac® develops, markets, and sells a suite of mobile safety solutions focused on improving senior and employee health and safety through mobile, location-based technology and state-of-the-art, cloud-based platforms.

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November 1st, 2017|

Builder Magazine – SecuraTrac Emergency Pendant Includes Extended Battery Life

SecuraTrac Introduces MobileDefender Model S Pendant

This emergency pendant includes extended battery life with new Wake on SOS feature, as well as automatic fall advisory.

SecuraTrac, a leading mobile health and safety provider SecuraTrac has introduced the MobileDefender Model S, the next-generation model of its MobileDefender emergency pendant. This new MD-S model was developed on the same platform as the original MobileDefender, but includes new capabilities and features optimized for jobsite safety.

On top of its location technologies, the MD-S device offers a built-in Fall Advisory feature which can detect horizontal and vertical movement. If an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, the MD-S will automatically trigger a call for help. It also adds the ability for Central Stations to respond to potential accidents, using SecuraTrac’s existing cloud capabilities.

The MD-S also includes the provider’s new Wake-on SOS feature, which allows the device to last over 30 days on a single battery charge. The device remains in sleep mode until its SOS button is activated, at which point it can locate itself, transmit its location, and make an emergency phone call.

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October 27th, 2017|

RV Travel – SecuraTrac Introduces Tiny, Powerful Emergency Pendant

Every winter, millions of people depart their homes in northern areas of the U.S. to migrate south to escape the cold. Many of them drive in cars or RVs, which means days on the road encountering potential bad weather, vehicle trouble or other risks. Cell phones are great to call for help if you have a signal and an international calling plan, but a new technology called the MobileDefender Model S can keep snowbirds directly in touch with friends, family and, if needed, first responders automatically.

The small device can be kept in the car, worn, or carried in a pocket. It has one large button that can be pressed to call for help in an emergency and it can be programmed to call family or first responders. The MobileDefender Model S functions as a two-way speakerphone so when a call is placed you can talk and listen with it. Also, the MobileDefender Model S can detect falls, auto dial for help if one is detected, and it functions as a GPS locator so family can make sure trips are going as planned.

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October 23rd, 2017|

Tech50+ Talks About SecuraTrac’s mPERS Solution

SecuraTrac’s Long Lasting mPERS

There are quite a few wearable products out there designed to help seniors get help in an emergency. And the concept goes back a long way! Who can forget those “I’ve fallen down and can’t get up” commercials? Today, secura 1technology for emergency communication is evolving quickly. One new example is the MobileDefender Model S from SecuraTrac. It weighs about two ounces and is a little bigger than a key fob. So what’s new and different? CEO Chris Holbert says that, while it has the standard SOS button, it has several important additions:

“One is a fall advisory service. So the person, whether they’re a lone worker in an oil and gas environment or a senior in a healthcare situation, if they were to fall and remain motionless for a period of time after that, there would be an automatic call to the emergency response center. So there’s no need to push the SOS button.”

secura 4We asked SecuraTrac a bit about the technology that goes into falls detection. “The Fall Advisory notifications occur automatically (there is a period where the person carrying the device can deactivate the alarm by simply pushing the SOS button in the case of a false positive). The Fall is determined based on 3 variables all being true: 1) Impact of the fall event exceeds the threshold (measured in G-force), 2) change in angle (start and end angle) exceeds the threshold (a change of 40+ degrees as an example) and 3) the lack of motion after both of the first 2 conditions are met for a specified number of seconds (4 seconds as an example).”

Another improvement in the latest device is a long battery life. The device can be set to wake up only when the SOS button is pushed, enabling it to work for more than thirty days on a single charge. Typically, these kinds of pendants need to be plugged in every two or three days. Holbert tells us that with a future firmware update, the Model S MobileDefender will also be able to wake up from that battery-conserving mode in the event of a fall without the need for a button press.

secura 6Also new, an add on tiny pendant weighing only half an ounce with an SOS button that is waterproof. How important is that, you may ask? Think of the number of falls that take place in the shower or bath.

SecuraTrac is also planning firmware updates designed to address issues related to memory impairment or Alzheimer’s disease: “For example, we can disable the power on and off button over the air. So we can just say these devices no longer have the ability to power off with a button. What we find, because people who have memory impairment, especially in the Alzheimer’s community, have a sort of action-response pre-disposition. So when you push the power off button, it vibrates to let you know it has received the power off indication. So when they push the power off, they don’t know what they are doing necessarily, but they know that it vibrates. So they will do that over and over and over again,” says Holbert.

The ability to disable the power off button may sound simple, but can be a lifesaving feature. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America estimates that more than five million Americans may suffer from the disease. And that has an impact on many millions more loved ones and caregivers.

The MobileDefender devices also feature mobile connectivity without the need to connect to a phone. That lets them work indoors or out and enables tracking via GPS or through the use of mobile signals. The system is 3G-capable so a customer can use it indoors, outdoors, or in any of 120 different countries.

SecuraTrac sees the MobileDefender as being useful not only for seniors, but also for workers who are often on their own such as long haul truckers, field service representatives, or oil and gas field workers. The device is available through a variety of health care providers and security companies. Bay Alarm Medical is among them, along with Rescue Alert and Wright Hennepin. Monthly fees typically range between $19 and $35, depending on the service options needed.

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February 16th, 2017|

Hospitality Technology Magazine Covers SecuraTrac’s MobileDefender Model S

SecuraTrac Introduces Next Generation mPERS Mobile Emergency Pendant

With large resorts and hotels, it can be difficult for managers to keep track of their workers and their safety. To help hotels and resorts with this issue, SecuraTrac, a provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on employee well-being, announced its next generation mPERS mobile emergency pendant, the MobileDefender Model S (MD-S). The model S (MD-S) was developed on the same platform as the MobileDefender and introduces new capabilities that will help to ensure the safety of those who use the MD-S and the SecuraTrac platform.

Hotels and resorts can rely on the MD-S to relay information about employee locations while providing them with an instant connection to help if an emergency occurs. In addition to state-of-the-art location technologies, the MD-S also offers a built-in Fall Advisory capability. The MD-S can detect horizontal and vertical movement so if an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, he or she does not have to initiate a call for help. The MD-S will trigger one automatically. Leveraging existing SecuraTrac cloud-based location technology, the new MD-S adds the ability for Central Stations to respond to potential accidents.

To improve battery lifespan, the MD-S was designed with a new Wake-on SOS feature. Wake-on SOS gives this small, mobile PERS device the ability to last more than 30 days on a single charge because the device is off until the SOS button is activated.  This preserves the battery while enabling the device to turn-on, locate, transmit its location, and make the emergency phone call after the SOS is activated.

January 23, 2017

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February 16th, 2017|

Huffington Post on SecuraTrac’s SecuraFone Safety App

Parents won’t need to worry about their little trick-or-treaters this Halloween, thanks to a new app that helps wary mothers and fathers track their children on the ghoulish holiday.

A free app called SecuraFone, developed by Chris Holbert, will help give parents peace of mind this Halloween. “The free version will load and instantly allow them to see where the child is at any point in time from their phone or any connected device,” Holbert told CBS News Denver.

“It will send a text message and an email alert to as many people as you want. So it can be their friends, their parents, or older brother, or whoever it is; and they will see exactly where they are,” Holbert further explained.

The app will update a child’s location every few minutes, and it allows children to send SOS text messages in case of emergencies, according to a press release obtained by WKMG. The release states that every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the U.S., with about 800,000 children missing each year.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has a series of safety guidelines for children trick-or-treating on Halloween. The center recommends going out in groups, never approaching a vehicle, wearing reflective clothing and staying in well-lit areas.

SecuraFone is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Halloween is not the only time this app would prove useful, however. It can provide added safety for children, young drivers and seniors yearlong.

Alternatively, parents can also order BrickHouse Security’s free Spark Nano 3.0, a portable GPS device that can be inserted into a trick-or-treater’s bag and will instantly track his or her location from any computer or smartphone.

Parents can use this device on Halloween to create a “geofence,” or a safe area for child to stick to. A text or email alert will be sent the moment the child crosses this boundary.

May 10th, 2016|

CBS Denver on SecuraFone App to Keep Children Safe

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DENVER (CBS4) – A major concern for parents each Halloween is safety, especially when children are trick-or-treating after dark. Now there’s a new way to keep track of children.

For many children Halloween is a favorite time of year, but no matter how fun the costumes are, and how responsible the children are, parents worry. That’s why Chris Holbert developed SecuraFone, a free app to help keep children safe.

“The free version will load and instantly allow them to see where the child is at any point in time from their phone or any connected device,” Holbert said.  The app also allows children to make an emergency call to their parents with a quick swipe.

“It will send a text message and an email alert to as many people as you want. So it can be their friends, their parents, or older brother, or whoever it is; and they will see exactly where they are,” Holbert said.

Parents and nannies all say it’s so easy to look away for a moment and realize a child is suddenly out of sight.  “I think it’s a really good idea for their safety and for the parents’ peace of mind,” a woman said.  The app is one way to help know exactly what haunted house children may be visiting. There are additional apps with additional features that will cost money.

Link: SecuraFone

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May 10th, 2016|

CBS 5 in Phoenix, Arizona on SecuraFone Safety App

ANTHEM, AZ (CBS5/AP) – It’s the latest high-tech way to keep track of your kids.  A new smart phone app is giving parents some extra peace of mind this Halloween.

Valley mom Tracy Begalke has three children.  Finn, 4, will roam their Anthem neighborhood with his parents by his side, but the two older children will likely wonder off on their own, Begalke said.  “I usually tell them what streets they can’t go past, but there’s no way of really knowing how far they go,” said Begalke.  The Valley mom just discovered the new app for her smart phone that will allow Begalke to instantly see where her kids are at all times.

It’s called SecuraFone.  It is basically a GPS device that can be linked to any child’s cell phone and will send mom, dad or anyone else a text or email alert every few minutes giving them the exact location of their adventurous trick-or-treater.  “I like being able to keep track of them without having to bother them and nag them,” said Begalke. “If I can designate an area and their phone is keeping track of them, it’s much easier.”

Ashley Bergeron is a registered nurse at Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa.  She said that you can never take too many precautions when it comes to kids safety, especially on Halloween.  “Kids are curious. They might tell you they’re going to one spot and they’re going to be somewhere else,” said Begeron. “I think with this type of technology, that’s what its in place for so we do know where are children are.”

The SecuraFone app will also let children make an emergency call with a quick press of a button.  Most safety experts still recommend parents follow their kids on Halloween, but for those older trick or treaters who are too big for mom and dad to tag along the kid tracker app could be just what parents are looking for.

The SecuraFone app is free, but there is also a premium version.

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May 10th, 2016|
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