Below our customers tell their stories of how SecuraTrac and our GPS tracking and monitoring solutions bring families closer together. Our testimonials come from customers who have rented and purchased the SecuraPAL (Personal Automated Locator)® and LifeTrac® solutions. The testimonials represent the experiences of our customers and demonstrate the value we try hard to produce in every interaction we have because securing your peace of mind is our passion.

Thank you, SecuraTrac. I think your service is wonderful and it was of great help to our family while my mom was in the hospital so we could keep track of my dad who wanders.

– Daughter from Lexington, Kentucky

It has been over a year that my father has been suffering some symptoms of dementia and disorientation, I was advised to have him relocated to an assistant living facility for his protection. Having to consider this option, I was determined to extend my father’s wish to remain at his house and keep the freedom of movement around his surrounding favorite places.

After doing some searching on the WEB I found SecuraTrac, the GPS system proved capable of providing me and the caring staff for my father in keeping track of his movements. Recently, he fell in his room, unfortunately he had not put his GPS on his pocket as he did daily, however we did notice that the GPS unit did not move during the morning events. By the afternoon we check his home, breaking the door to his room , and we found him in the floor severely injured but alive.

If we had not seen the lack of movement on the SecuraTrac device,it is very likely he would not have made it to the next day!

– Son from Miramar, Florida

The SecuraPAL device and the SecuraTrac website is such a wonderful product. As a parent, I found it to be so easy and versatile. I could customize the SecuraFences that would alert me when my child had entered a safe zone and when they had left. And, if I needed to know where they were I could go to the Dashboard and see them. There was no need to wonder or worry, just click and know. This gives me the elevated comfort and security that we all want with no hassle.

– Mom from Murietta, California

The solution for us is to have 2 SecuraTrac locators (SecuraPAL’s). So that instead of charging the unit at night he will wear one to bed. Josh has a leather belt he wears around his waste. Josh is often involved with the police, school counselors, psychologists, etc. and everyone has mentioned how the SecuraPAL is such a good idea. At school they login or get alerts to find him when he leaves the school. This weekend without the SecuraTrac device on Josh it has shown us how this device has benefitted Josh and the whole community.

– Mother from Waterville, Maine

I finally felt safe, that if my son got lost, I could always find him.

– Mother from Anchorage, Alaska

SecuraPAL is something I think all teenagers should have. When I go hang out with my friends, I don’t have to call Mom or Dad to tell them where I’m going, because they already know! This gives me the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want, and all my friends think that’s really cool!

– Teenager from Redondo Beach, California

I purchased the SecuraPAL for my mother, who has early dementia. The product works very well and it provides me with peace of mind, knowing where she is at all times. Thanks!

– Daughter from Long Beach, California

Gave me a piece of mind have a 4 year old who likes to run around all over the place felt at peace with SecuraPAL. Thanks so much. The representatives were polite and very helpful.

– Mother from Rancho Penasquitas, California

Even though my son is only 2, I rented the SecuraTrac GPS system. Because of my experience and the staff, I will continue to rent it each year the device is available. Thank you for the piece of mind.

– Father from San Clemente, California

Thanks so much for this wonderful & thoughtful service! It is perfect for “independent” youngsters! The boys loved being “on their own” and we loved the peace of mind of knowing where they were. Greatly appreciated the personal phone call as well when one boy pushed the SOS to alert us he was hungry & ready to go. THANK YOU!!!

– Mother from Eagle River, Alaska

With this service, I was able to relax a little more knowing that if my daughter got lost, she just had to press the button and I would get an instant call. I think this is simply a marvelous feature. A brilliant idea to have at the Fair.

– Mother from San Diego, California

My child is a high functioning autistic. So, if we lost him, all we had to do was just call the hotline and give the code word and the gps tracking began. Thanks!

– Father from San Diego, California

This was a great idea! It gave us peace of mind that we would know where the girls were if we got separated, or if they went “out of bounds” and how easy it would be to track them down if anything happened. We’ll definitely rent it again. Thanks!!!!

– Father from Des Moines, Iowa

I take my 8 year old twin niece and nephew to the county fair every year. I’m always worried about getting separated from them. We designate a meeting place but having the SecuraPAL really gave me peace of mind and I found myself enjoying the fair much more. My kids are all grown but I wish there had been a product like this when they were young!

– Uncle from Temecula, California

Easy and convenient to use plus some of the friendliest customer service around.

– Father from Anchorage, Alaska

I had a very secure feeling that our children could not leave the fair grounds without us “the parents.” Thank you for the services you provided, SecuraTrac.

– Father from Chula Vista, California

My daughter wanted to see how much some of the rides cost us and my husband and I looked at each other and told her to go ahead and if she got lost to push the button and freeze. She did so well that we are thinking of buying one for her when she goes to school. We as kids never walked to and from school we always rode the bus. It is different in this world now that kids are always wanting freedom. This device gives us family peace and freedom at the same time. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a peace of mind and to know that their child is safe. Thank you for the Great time and we really appreciate the fun time we had with peace of mind.

– Mother from San Diego, California

The representative at the fair was very professional and helpful. He explained the program well to both the adults and the kids. When I returned the locaters he showed me on the computer all the places we had been. I loved it and will use it again.

– Mother from Big Lake, Alaska

I saw info on your company on the morning news so I was looking forward to trying it out. It was easier than I expected and made our visit so relaxing. I have an 11 year old and a 13 year old. I was able to let them go ride the rides while I shopped. While I was out I told everyone I could about SecuraPAL.

– Mother from Escondido, California

It was a great piece of mind knowing we had this on our son. We will likely purchase on in the future!

– Father from La Jolla, California

Love it!!

– Mother from San Diego, California

An absolutely great device! I felt comfortable knowing my child was in good hands while wearing the SecuraTrac. It allowed for a wonderful experience at the SD County Fair. Thank you!

– Father from Claremont, California

The customer service was great!

– Mother from San Diego, California

It gave me great peace of mind knowing that if she did walk away, she could just push the button and she could be found. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

– Mother from Encinitas, California

SecuraTrac and the SecuraPAL are invaluable to parents with children of all ages. The peace of mind that it creates for me is priceless. The entire team at SecuraTrac is top notch – not only technically, but the customer service is unparalleled. I am recommending this to my friends, family, and the staff at school.

– Mother from Roseville, California

I would like to compliment you on your customer service. You are great! Thank you.

– Mother from San Diego, California

Since we have young children, having the SecuraPAL there to locate them and provide them with a way to call for help brought us all peace of mind. In the large crowds we encountered, it was good to know help was around the corner every minute of the day.

– Mother from Ankeny, Iowa

The SecuraTrac’s GPS tracker is simple and easy to use. It gives me an extra level of security when it comes to protecting my child. The associated tracking website is very user friendly and easy to maneuver. The SecuraTrac team is always friendly and very helpful.

– Mother from Redondo Beach, California

I was able to let my 12 year old have a little freedom without constantly worrying. Having that kind of peace of mind is a feeling only a parent would understand. We will probably be buying them for both our daughters.

– Mother from Anchorage, Alaska

I hardly know that I am carrying SecuraPAL tracker around with me. It fits in my pocket, backpack or lunchbox. I can even carry it in my game pack. I feel safer and my mom feels better about me going and coming from school and visiting and traveling around with my friends.

– Daughter from Redondo Beach, California

SecuraTrac is a great service. The people were great to work with and it does give you some peace of mind that if your child gets lost in the crowd that you can locate them quickly with this service.

– Mother from Polk City, Iowa

I was so happy when I found the SecuraTrac SecuraPAL Guardian. Thanks to SecuraTrac I can now relax when I send my son to ski school. I have always been a little nervous leaving him at ski school knowing that he would be out there on the mountain the whole day with a lot of other kids and a huge crowd of people. What if he got lost, took the wrong turn or followed the wrong person, etc? With the SecuraPAL I can see where he is. I know that I will get an alert if he leaves the area and if he got lost we would be able to track him and see where to go to find him. He knows that he can press the help button if he gets in a emergency situation. Knowing this made me enjoy my ski weekends so much more.

In the evening we can go in and see which runs he took and talk about his day together with him. It is fun for him as well to see on the computer where he was skiing during the day. Renting the GPS is very easy, convenient and everybody that I have spoken with or emailed with has been very helpful and provided quick and individual service. Thank you, SecuraTrac.

– Mother from Los Gatos, California

Our cat is a legend in our neighborhood. He is the GPS cat! I took a cat harness collar from a pet store [and our cat] wears the small harness like a back pack. He is a riot! I guarantee you there are a lot of cat owners that would do this if they thought about it.

It works great. He usually comes back in on his own, but in the summer not infrequently he likes to stay out late. That is where our other cats got in trouble. If he doesn’t show up by 6pm, I look on the website, find him, and go get him. It is also quite interesting to understand his travel habits, he travels as much as a quarter of a mile in any direction, although most of the time he is 3 – 4 blocks away.

– Pet Owner from Portland, Oregon

You guys have great customer support. It is truly world class. You are the best!

– Husband from Houston, Texas

It was a great experience easy to rent, and I’m confident that my 4 year old could have used it if the need arose. He was proud to show his uncle and grandma what he would do if he got lost. I was very impressed with the phone calls I received and overall would highly recommend this service to anyone with a wandering child.

– Father from Swisher, Iowa

I would like to purchase one to have on hand at all times [for my child].

– Mother from Wasilla, Alaska

I truly love this device and I truly believe that every parent should have one for their child.

– Mother from Elmendorf AFB, Alaska